About Us 

Kennel Santomard Saint Bernard’s are a Top Winning Saint Bernard Kennel in Southern Ireland.
We have imported the very Best of bloodlines into our kennel to improve the Saint Bernard Breed in Ireland. We will only breed from dogs that are Healthy in both body and mind. All our dogs are Hip and Elbowed Scored and Heart Tested before they are bred from. We strive for Health, Type and Temperment in our Breeding. All our dog are socialised with Children from Day one . 

Our Home and kennels are set in the Irish Country side where the dogs have plenty of space to explore. Our Dogs have everything they need and more. Unlike alot of Saint Bernard Kennels in Ireland we do not Co-Own Dogs with anyone, Our dogs in our home are 100% owned by us. Our Dogs are our Pets first and Show Dogs second. Sandra has owned Boxers for over 30 Years and Tommy has owned and Bred Springers and Pointers all his Life. We started in Saints over 15 Years ago and completely fell in love with this wonderful Breed. Our first Saint was Foster, a very large big boned male , Eighteen months later we added another addition JD. Both males were shown but didn’t enjoy the show ring so they became the couch potatoes in our homes. Both JD and Foster lived for many years and both died of old age. In 2009 we purchased two new imports from Norway. Toffe Loffe’s Eveline and Toffe Loffe’s Utrillo. Eveline and Utrillo both gained their titles very quickly , with Utrillo gaining his title in seven straight shows and becoming Top winning Saint Bernard in Ireland in that year along with becoming Celtic Winner in 2010 and 2011. Utrillo’s show career was exceptional with him being untouchable at nearly every show he attended. In one show year alone Utrillo brought home over 25 Green Stars and was the first Short Haired Saint under FCI in Ireland to be placed in a group. Utrillo soon became International Champion and his full list of titles included International Champion, Norwegian Champion , Irish Champion ,Annual Champion 2009, Celtic Winner 2010 , Celtic Winner 2011. In 2010 we Bred Eveline and Utrillo and they produced a beautiful litter of short haired puppies. From that litter came International Champion, Irish Champion Santomard Anubus Irish Junior Champion, Annual Champion 2014 , Amsterdam Winner 2014 , Celtic Winner 2015 who is Ireland’s Top Winning Saint Bernard for two years running with over 60 Green Stars and Best of Breeds to his name, Anubus also has 2 group wins , the first one making him the first ever short haired to win a group in Ireland and a group 3rd. We brought Anubus to Amsterdam in 2014 and he won CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed both days in The Holland Cup and The Amsterdam Winners show leaving him with just 1 more CAC for his Dutch Championship Title. That Litter also produced Irish Champion Santomard Atlantis and Irish Champion Santomard Alejandro who at just 6 months old won Green Star beating Adults and Champions 4 times his age and size. Alejandro Green Stars quickly followed and at just 8 months old had already won six Green Stars leaving him with just one more. We took Alejandro out of the ring for a year to allow him to mature and at his first show back gained his last Green Star that he needed to become an Irish Champion. Santomard Aphrodite was sent to our friends in Parleshan Saints and was shown lightly and won 2 Green Stars with Best of Breeds , 1 Best of Breed puppy and 4th in the Group.  Santomard Aphrodite was then bred with Parleshan Lincoln and produced a beautiful litter of both long and short hairs. From that litter came Parleshan Gabrielle who quickly became Irish Champion, Irish Junior Champion, Celtic Winner and Celtic Junior Winner and is well on her way to becoming annual champion 2015. Along she this she has also won Best in Group 1 . Santomard Armida went to Toffe Loffe Kennel in  Norway and was bred with NUCH DKCH SE UCH NORD UCH NJW – 2011 IVO Z Bogdanowej Zagrody and they produced Norwegian Champion Toffe Loffe’s Xo Xo Xzita,  Norwegian Champion Toffe Loffe’s Xo Xo Xarmida , Norwegian Champion Toffe Loffe’s Xo Xo Xenon and Norwegian Champion Toffe Loffe’s Xo Xo Xodus. Also in 2009 NUCH SV-07 NV-07 SV-08 DKUCH NORD W08 NV-08 SUCH Toffe Loffe’s Sunshine and Norwegian Champion Toffe Loffe’s Vi-To was brought from Norway. Shine’s show career like Utrillo’s was exceptional being unbeatable in the ring. Her greatest competition came from her kennel mate Utrillo for the Best of Breed Challenge at every show. Shine very quickly made her presence felt in Ireland and became Top winning Saint Bernard in Ireland with many Celtic winner titles and annual Champion Titles along with being Ireland’s most titled Saint Bernard. Her full list of were INT CH, NU CH, NV -07, NV-08, NORD W-08, DK CH, SU CH, SV-07, SV-08 IR CH, CW 10 CH, CIB CH, AN CH 10 , CW 11. In 2010 we brought in Norwegian Champion Toffe Loffe’s Finally a Little Aidi who was then bred with Ruth Proven’s boy INT CH, Nord, Nuch, DK CH WVW – 12, DK VV -12, Nord VV-12 , NVV-12 St. Zamba’s Just a Joker and produced a beautiful litter of Long Haired puppies. From that litter came Norwegian Champion Santomard Basic Joker , Irish Junior Champion , Celtic Junior Winner 2012 Santomard Bolero Buno,Norwegian Champion Santomard Bring a Star, Norwegian Champion , Swedish Champion, Nordic Junior Winner 2011 Santomard Big Secret owned by Kate and Hans Yndestad Kennel Unic Roze and International Champion, Norwegian Champion, Swedish Champion, Danish Champion, Nordic Champion, Nordic Winner 2012, Swedish Winner and European Winner Santomard Big Surprise owned by Ruth Proven Kennel St. Zamba. Santomard Big Surprise was bred with INT NORD CH NUCH SUCH DK CH FIN CH WW-10 NW-10 SW-10 NORDV-10 HELW-10 DKW10 KBHW-10 SW-11 NORDW10 KBHV-13 St.Zamba’s Remember Romance and produced INT NORD UCH NUCH SUCH DK CH EUW-15 St.Zamba’s Zoom in on Zinzano, NUCH SUCH DK CH NORD CH JWW-14 KBHW-15 St.Zamba’s Zoom in on Zilence, NUCH SUCH DK CH NORD CH St.Zamba’s Zoom in on Zalander, and NUCH SUCH FIN CH NORD CH St.Zamba’s Zoom in on Zieger. Santomard Big Surprise was then bred with NUCH St.Zamba’s Quickstep Qlara and produced NUCH Granheimen’s Armo. We imported Vicky’s Jaqueline from Denmark in 2011 and in 2012 she was bred to Nor Ch Toffe Loffe’s Vi-To. They produced a beautiful litter of 7 puppies , 6 Long Haired and 1 short haired. The puppies we kept from this litter are still maturing and will be a little while longer before they will be in the showring. In 2014 we brought home a beautiful shorthaired female from Parleshan Saints , Parleshan Izzy. Izzy hit the show ring with a bang and has already achieved numberous Best of Breed Puppy, Best in Show 3 and has 3 Green Stars and 3 res Best of Breeds towards her Championship Title.

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