God promised at the birth of time, a special friend to give,
His time on earth is short, he said, so love him while he lives.

It may be six or seven years, or twelve or then sixteen,
but will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?

A wagging tail and cold wet nose, and silken velvet ears,
a heart as big as all outdoors, to love you through the years.

His puppy ways will gladden you, and antics bring a smile,
as guardian or friend he will, be loyal all the while.

He’ll bring his charms to grace your life, and though his stay be brief,
when he’s gone the memories, are solace for your grief.

I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return,
but lessons only a dog can teach, I want you each to learn.

Whatever love you give to him, returns in triple measure,
follow his lead and gain a life, brim full of simple pleasure.

Enjoy each day as it comes, allow your heart to guide,
be loyal and steadfast in love, as the dog there by your side.

Now will you give him all your love, nor think the labour vain,
nor hate me when I come to call, to take him back again?

I fancy each of us would say, “Dear Lord, thy will be done,
for all the joy this day shall bring, the risk of grief we’ll run.”

“We’ll shelter him with tenderness, we’ll love him while we may,
and for the happiness we’ve known, forever grateful stay.”

“But shall the angels call for him, much sooner than we’ve planned,
we’ll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.”


Vicky’s Jaqueline

* Jaqueline*

Sleep Well Jaq

6/12/06 – 29/10/13


Ryhill Pretty Savannah to Santomard

*Savannah *

Sleep Well Sav

22/06/07 – 18/09/13


Pirate Jack at Santomard

Sleep Well my Dear Old Friend

10th of September 2003 – 01 of September 2013

Santomard Armida
21/10/10 – 21/08/13
Sleep Well little Girl

Owner :  Kennel Toffe Loffe

 shine memory pic
INT CH, NOR CH, NV-07,NV-08,NORD W -08,
DK CH, SWE CH, SV-07, SV-08, IR CH , CW 10 CH, CIB CH, ANCH10

09.02.06 – 14.09.11

 Rest In Peace Madeson ♥ ♥
Celtic Pride & Joy for Santomard
My special sweet Big Boy has left us :(
Sadly Missed by us all and Especially by his brother Bud
13 th April 2003 – 9th December 2010


( Gentle Giant  Hero via Santomard )
12/09/02 – 16/10/10

The Old Man Toby
Toby was nearly 25 years old when he died, he was always up to devilment and always wanting to be a pup. Toby died in his sleep from old age on the 10/1/2010


Nevada Prince to Santomard

Jameson was Tommy’s first Boxer that I bought for him because he always wanted one of his own. Jameson was one of our show boxers but soon he became tired of showing so he just became a house dog . Jameson died of old age and we still miss him alot. This photo is his first day here playing with his new toys . Jameson became a loyal friend and had a great love of empty coke and 7up bottle and would play with them for hours.
1/9/99 – 2/3/10

Handome Engli Santomard
Pepper left us on Christmas Eve of 2009 at 9 years old
This is a photo of Pepper the first day he came here with his favourite new teddy bear and toys



Samson ( Rommel’s Top Choice via Santomard)

Samson came to us at three years old and was a very angry dog when he came here. The day he came here was the first day he ever walked on grass or played with a football. After many many months of Patience and training he became the dog he was supposed to be, a trustworthy and loyal friend
1/2/99 – 18/10/09


Pepper was owned by my late mother Liz and was very much her girl
Pepper was a very intelligent girl who soon learned how to open windows and turn keys in locked doors. She always ” Answered ” the phone when it rang ( People always knew who it was from the breathing down the phone.The morning of october 2003 she came down to my mothers room and gave her a hug and a kiss and then went to the kitchen and died in her bed, We think Pepper was waiting for my mother to wake up so that she could say goodbye to her before she had to leave. She was Loyal to the end
1986 – 2003

Sheba (The one and only for Santomard)

Sheba was my first ever boxer, My parents bought her for me when I just 8 years old because I wanted a boxer that was my dog. Sheba was and will always be my little Girl <3
1988- 2006



At just 2 weeks old Snowy was to be put to sleep because of her colour, so at this young age Snowy came to live with me. She was so small that she could fit inside my jacket pocket. She soon became the strongest and biggest from her litter and out lived her litter mates for many years. Putting a dog to sleep because of their colour is an unforgivable act and white boxers are neither blind nor deaf! In November 2007 Nature took a cruel Twist and we had to end Snowy’s Suffering from Kidney Failure.
Sleep well Snowy <3
1990 – 2007

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